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About the Boer War

The Second War (1899-1902), by contrast, was a lengthy war—involving large numbers of troops from many British possessions—which ended with the conversion of the Boer republics into British colonies (with a promise of limited self-government). These colonies later formed part of the Union of South Africa. The British fought directly against the Transvaal and the Orange Free State, defeating their forces first in open warfare and then in a long and bitter guerrilla campaign. British losses were high due to both disease and combat. The policies of "scorched earth" and civilian internment (adopted by the British to prevent support for the Boer guerrilla campaign) ravaged the civilian populations in the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.


Friends of the War Museum

The War museum was established in Bloemfontein during 1931 with the objective of preserving the history of the Anglo Boer war, 1899 - 1902, for the posterity. The Friends of The War Museum Society was created on 24 February 1989

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